Thursday, 16 November 2006

Back to Bangkok

Unfortunately when I was in Bangkok, I was too busy eating, shopping and talking to take many photos - I wish, for example, that I had thought to photograph a beautiful plate of mango with sticky rice and coconut sauce before I gobbled it all up! Those I did take aren't brilliant, but I promised M. to put some up as she said she couldn't imagine the city our former boss has gone to live in. So here they are.

The old wooden buildings are part of the Jim Thompson house - he was an American who started the modern Thai silk industry - which is the only tourist site I bothered to visit this time. Photo below is
of the Erawan (hindu) shrine, with the overhead Skytrain and Skywalk in evidence behind it, which also feature in a couple of shots above, showing what a concrete jungle the city is - which I like, myself!


At 16/11/06 07:19, Blogger b o o said...

it very hot & concrete, like most parts of singapore. i too wish there were shots of food which i love :)


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