Saturday, 2 December 2006

Autumn leaves (Winter arrives)

Apparently Winter doesn't begin officially until the winter solstice on 22/12: but to me, December, January and February are winter months, therefore it ought to begin on 1 December - which happens also to be the date on which Brussels' "winter market" opens. So, I thought I had better post the last of the Autumn photos, especially as the trees reflected here in a Commission office building on Square de Meeƻs don't look like this any more but are now almost bare.


At 6/12/06 03:49, Blogger Luz said...

Beauties! Thanks for sharing! Finally, it feels like winter around here now that a cold spell has arrived. However, I'm fearful that we'll be all warmed up into the 80's the week of Christmas. :-(

At 6/12/06 10:13, Blogger Dakota said...

Beautiful photos!


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