Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Aragonese Sardinia - the Aragonese/Catalan legacy

Aragonese towers: Torre di Sulis (Torre dell'Esperò Rejal ), Alghero
Trenino Catalano - the little Catalan train, in the Catalan colours (Alghero)
Street names also in Catalan (Alghero)

Aragonese tower at Porto di Castelsardo

Aragonese tower near Bosa Marina

Place names: Siete Fuentes (not Sette Fontane!) at S. Leonardo

This trip was based in N.W. Sardinia, largely in Alghero, where the Aragonese influence has lingered the longest. I think, however, that claims regarding the use of Catalan are probably exaggerated for the benefit of tourists and for receiving EU cross-regional grants - and those towers that are called "Genoese" look suspiciously identical to those that are called "Aragonese"!

Having revisited a number of places I've been to before, I've tried to avoid putting up any photos too similar to those already posted in April and May 2010 (the year of the volcano!): although in Bosa, the same blue boat is to be seen moored in the River Temo below the castle.  


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