Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bloody Blogger

This is ridiculous, Blogger is just making things harder and harder for those of us who aren't actually computer programmers. Since they changed the method of uploading photos, it has been getting progressively more difficult to do it. For one thing, I can now only upload photos when in Chrome rather than IE - which, when you click on the photo icon, refuses to show the box for selecting from my own PC, only from "blog" (why would anyone want to do that, unless it means from a different blog?!) or from Picasa, facebook etc.. Since big computer crash, I have been trying Chrome in place of Firefox, which I used to use, don't know whether that would be any better. But now I'm finding it impossible to drag photos up and down, and "orientation" choices permit only left and right, refusing to allow smaller photos to be placed side-by-side. I've managed it before by copying and pasting into empty spaces, then deleting superfluous photos, but now Blogger seems to treat the whole uploaded bunch as a single entity. While I can change their order, I can't now make photos that are small enough to do so, appear side-by-side. I thought I had found a way to do it, after I ventured into html and deleted the "separation" code between the code (beginning and ending with "a" - it won't show actual html code that I wrote here, again even though it shows up in draft!) relating to the 2 photos concerned; but despite seeing the 2 smaller ones below as I wanted, in both "edit" and "preview", when published they appear one below the other! I know it's a free service but it used to work! Why do they have to change for the worse rather than making it better?


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